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What Is Solar?

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Ezy Light:

EzyLight specializes in providing Sustainable and Renewable Energy Solutions.

EzyLight’s products are designed and tested locally for the South African and African continent at large.

Our products are focused on making use of renewable energy resources such as Solar Power and Wind Power.Our renewable energy systems are practical, reliable, cost efficient, environmentally sound and promotes reduction in Carbon Footprints.

We have a range of products that cater for homes, informal settlements, commercial and public areas. Our products range from products designed to run entirely from solar power or wind generated power to electrical backup power systems.

As our dependence on electricity increases and the cost of electricity constantly increasing, our products provide viable and cost effective alternative energy solutions. From design to completion we will be able to project manage your lighting requirements and advise on the best possible solutions in both residential and commercial. If you are building a new home or considering a green approach to your lighting or power requirements we will be able to assist and provide best case scenarios, feasibility studies and usage audits.

Product Spotlight: EzySOL

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EzySol Pro

EzySOL is a low power solar lighting solution which has been developed for households where electricity is not available.

EzySOL is safe to use as it is low voltage and can even be used in a mobile environment. The control unit employs features such as low battery protection maximising the battery life, charge protection, auto switch on and built in operating safety features.

State of the art Maxiprism LED light clusters provides excellent light dispersion as apposed to standard LED lights. A major feature is that the LED light clusters are dipolar thus there is no polarity ensuring a hassle free setup. All LED lights can be individually switched on or off providing control over the lighting.

No assembly is needed, the setup is convenient as all connections are easily identifiable. The control unit is equipped with an option to fit a light sensor which allows for the lights to automatically switch on when the ambient light drops and will automatically switch off when the ambient light levels increase. The light sensor can be fitted internally or externally or remotely via cable.

The EzySOL control panel has been designed to operate optimally off solar power and will charge the battery to an optimal level. Solar panels are matched to the charge requirements . Another feature is that the unit accepts power from the standard car battery if necessitated and can be connected within moments.

Our solar lighting products work off solar energy and do not emit GHG (green house gas emissions), thus aiding in the reduction of Carbon footprints.